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Change Management

The Change Management focuses on critical priorities for an organization’s change effort.

Every employee looks at the organizational change from the stand point of how he or she will personally be affected. Self-preservation becomes a major concern.

Many executives know this and worry about it, top management involved in transformation often say they are concerned about how the work force will react, how they can get their team to work together, and how they will be able to lead their people.
Leadership teams that fail to plan for the human side of change often find themselves wondering why their best-laid plans have gone wrong.

KONTA Perspective:
KONTA will apply a systematic approach in dealing with change, it has a technical side and a people side, this approach will include: adapting to change, controlling change, and effecting change, and will be applied to processes, systems, organization structures and / or job roles, the change will take a place in the organization’s perspective, how it operates and the skills required for the individuals. 

In this field KONTA will cover the following issues: 
KONTA knows that different people react differently to change and everyone wants to know how the change will affect his / her position, role and responsibilities. Change may often involves a loss, expectations should be managed realistically and fears have to be dealt with. 

There are major sections in the change wheel; we describe the various components that fit together in order to support and deliver the result as following: 
1. Culture: It's important to identify what’s the change for, understanding the organization’s structure goals, assessing the ability and willingness of individuals to change, articulate potential obstacles and to agree on change strategies and plans.
2. Organization: This will include redefining the organization effectively, designing a new operating model, organizational structures, role definitions, proficiency frameworks, and authority and decision-making frameworks. 
3. Leadership: to apply and implement the change, effective leaders must know who to lead the organization, to carry out their leadership roles, and responsibilities. 
4. People Capability: In designing new effective organization under the process of change, people involved in adapting, leading and effecting the change, should be trained to develop their skills and capabilities required for the new world, and how to meet those requirements, including skills audits, gap analysis, job and role definitions and career planning. 
5. Execution: To effect the change, to ensure the delivery of the new model, strategic plans, milestones, progress reports and budget analysis, the communications, training and staff management.

As a client the end results and benefits you will gain are: 
• Manage resistance effectively and organization respond faster.
• Implement changes process without negative affections to daily operations of running the business.
• Allow the organization to assess the overall structure, operations, outcome and Client demands.
• Create opportunities for the organization development of best operations’ practices, leadership development, and team development.
• Identify the challenges the organization may face and how to reduce the risks of change.
• Manage the time needed, cost of change and reduce unsuccessful change. 
• Align existing resources within the organization, increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency, increase staff performance. 
• Increased return on investment (ROI) and effective Client service.
• continuous improvement for your organization.

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