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Growth Analysis Management

Is a requirement for business that wants to grow its revenue and profitability, as well as growing its reputation, expertise and perspective well.

KONTA perspective:
KONTA will deal with forecasting the growth and direction of the current industry or market, since knowing which direction the market is headed, and helps companies determine the stability of new business operations. 

In this field KONTA will cover the following issues: 
• Market research.
• Feasibility Study.
• Business strategy, effective leadership aligned with goals.
• Collecting and analyzing data, to decide which business in order to receive more investment.
• Conduct evaluations.
• SWOT analysis for company and competition.
• Pricing trends.
• Risk identification and management.
• Training and development of company s’ employees. 
• Identify cost-cutting opportunities and growth potential strategies by adding new products and businesses to the company portfolio.
• Performance management program, Supportive systems and processes. 
• Change management tools in place. 
• Team based environment. 

As a client the end results and benefits you will gain are: 
• Making a high performance with low costs as a part of how you can run your business.
• Helping companies to identify the profitable products.
• Identifying the best business portfolio that fits the company’s strengths and helps to exploit the most attractive opportunities.
• To ensure the implementation of an efficient / effective growth strategy for adding new products and businesses.
• Identifying an access to financial and other investment resources. 
• Identifying the market distribution structure of the company (retail, wholesale….).
• Identifying the record of technological and other innovations.
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