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Feasibility Study

It looks about the viability of an idea, identifies potential problems, address things like where and how the business will operate, provides in-depth details about the business to determine if and how it can succeed, and serves as a valuable tool for developing a winning business plan.

Feasibility study should provide analysis of the business opportunities to reduce the risk of failure and losing money, to deliver answers to the investors are looking for: will the idea work and should they proceed with it?

KONTA Perspective:
Before you begin writing your business plan you need to identify how, where, and to whom you intend to sell a service or product. You also need to assess your competition and figure out the budget you need to start your business and keep it running until it is established.

KONTA Consulting will help you in conducting feasibility studies, by carrying out a thorough analysis and evaluation of the proposed project to determine if it is profitable and technically feasible within the estimated cost. 

In this field KONTA will cover the following issues: 
• Technology and system feasibility.
• Solve problems (expectations).
• Identifying the benefits to be provided.
• Economic feasibility (Cost / benefit analysis) in which providing a real time data to evaluate ultimately the prospects for project success such as: cost required and value to be obtained.
• Financial feasibility (financial and tax obligations).
• Market feasibility (SWOT analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the competition, industry trends), Marketing & Sales strategy, human resources.
• Risk factors
• Goals 

As a client the end results and benefits you will gain are: 
• Analyzing the business data.
• Realistically analyzing the impact of expansions.
• Objective information to evaluate existing services and strengths
• Identifying the competition and market place indicators that affect your business.
• Helping you to anticipate what will and will not work in varied situations.
• Determining the resources that are essential to complete varied situations.

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