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HR Aspects
KONTA HR Consulting services will cover the following aspects:
1. HR Policies & Procedures and Practices: Purpose of HR policies is to provide an organization with a mechanism to manage risk by staying up to date with current trends in employment standards and legislation.

KONTA will design a complete package of HR policies and procedures covering all HR aspects to support administrative personnel functions, performance management, employee relations and resource planning. Together policies and procedures ensure that a point of view held by the governing body of an organization is translated into steps that result in an outcome compatible with that view.

In designing the HR Policies & Procedures, KONTA make sure that Organization policies must be framed in a manner that Organization/Client’s vision & the Human Resource department helping to achieve it or work towards it and at all levels are benefited and at the same time not deviated from their main objective. KONTA will cover the following HR Policies & Procedures area:
Recruitment and Selection, Working Hours instruction, Work Accidents, Dress Code / Hygiene Standards, Recognition Program, Probation Period Procedure, Resignation & Termination Procedures, Deductions Policy, Operation Rules for Computer Equipments, Employees Transactions Procedures: (Promotion, Transferring, Salary Increase, Bonus, Car & Mobile Allowance),Transportation, Internal Communication, Open Door Policy, Harassment, Abuse, Conflict of Interest and Complain Policy, Discipline Procedures, Annual Leaves, Sick Leaves, Leaves Procedures & Instructions and Procedures & Plan, Orientation procedures for newly hired employee and all obligations on employees to a training courses, Work place safety rules (design & development), Overtime hour’s policy, Motivation & Incentives, HR Reports and Other HR & Personnel policies and related issues.  

2. HR Rules & Regulations and Practices: KONTA will design a set of comprehensive Rules and Regulations. Practices followed or behavior displayed by the employees in situations of opposing interests (conflicts) such as negotiations. 

3. HR Legal & Finance practices: KONTA will design discipline procedure to be approved by Ministry of Labor.

4. HR Business Flow Charts: KONTA will design HR business flow chart to cover all HR Business processes.

5. Employees Training & Development: KONTA will design a staff training and development plan to improve the knowledge and skills to improve their performance. 

6. Job Analysis: KONTA will design a detailed examination of the tasks (performance elements) that make up a job (employee role), conditions under which they are performed, and what the job requires in terms of aptitudes , attitudes (behavior characteristics), knowledge, skills, and the physical condition of the employee.

7. Job Description: KONTA will design Job Description to cover all Organizations job titles to determine whether it need a part - or full-time employee, whether the person should be permanent or temporary, and whether you could use an independent contractor to fill the position. We shall also design and implement a coding system for each position in the developed Positional Structures. 

8. Job Profiling: KONTA will conduct a comprehensive analysis and assessment of jobs in each functional area, to ensure proper identification of jobs requirements and gathering of the required information necessary for creating and establishing job profile.

9. Performance Appraisal and Management System Review & Development: KONTA will develop a comprehensive performance appraisal system that fulfills Organization`s/Client’s requirements.

10. Employee Handbook (In House Rules & Regulations): Employee Handbook is one of the most important communication tools between Organization and employees. The purpose handbook is to be a guide for any employee. It introduces employee to an Organization that he have selected to work for, and introduces an Organization to the employee. KONTA will design Employee Handbook to include a comprehensive and detailed work on a particular topic for practitioners structured for quick reference and often used as a supplement to a text book. The term is commonly used interchangeably with manual. 

KONTA will cover the following handbook topics :
Absence Policy, Duty Hours & Time Sheet, Email Policy, Internet Use Policy, Accident & Incident Reporting, Company Policy on AIDS, Overtime Hours Policy, Dress Code & Personal Hygiene, Health Insurance, Coverage , Drug Testing Policy , Fire Safety Policy, Freedom of Information Policy , Use of Hand Held Mobile Phones Policy, Holiday/Vacation Policy, Hospitality Policy, Workplace Safety Rules, Sexual Harassment Policy , Staying at Organization premises after duty hours, Sick Leave Policy, Smoking Policy, Pay Schedule, Business Card Policy, Open Door Policy, Lost & Found Policy, Employees Behaviors, Employees Commitments towards Organization, Colleagues & Clients, Employees Entrance, Car Parking, Thefts Policy, Training & Development, Employees Legal Rights, Visits of a Personal Nature, Telephone Policy, Fire, Safety and Security and Employee acknowledgment.

11. Turnover Analysis: KONTA will provide Organization/Client with detailed Turn Over report to include the number of employees hired to replace those who left or were fired during a year of period along with reasons behind turn over.

12. Compensations & Benefits System: KONTA will design Sum of direct benefits (such as salary, allowances, bonus, commission) and indirect benefits (such as insurance, pension plans, vacations) that employee receives from an Organization.

13. Job Analysis: Is the process of examining jobs in order to identify the key requirements of each jobanalysis is used, KONTA will prepare Job Analysis to cover all job titles.

14. Organization Structure: KONTA will assess the organizational framework covering several aspects and tackling a wide area of functions including the Organizational Cimate, Human Resources, Organization Structure, Values, Culture, Work Groups, Formal and Informal Communication Channels, Organization Skeleton and Adopted Management Practices.
15. Payroll System / Administration & Auditing: KONTA will establish a comprehensive and effective payroll, pay and benefits system at Organization’s covering the required pay elements in addition to a complete design of the system in alignment with market information and Pioneers pay attractiveness.
16. Job Specification: KONTA will design a job specification that highlights the mental and physical attributes required of the job holder. More attitude skills & behavior.

17. Manpower Planning: Estimating or projecting the number of personnel with different skills required over time or for a project, KONTA will clarify in details how and when they will be acquired.
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